01.2013 The 50 Best Restaurants
Photograph by Jason Varney
011.2012 The New Philly
Bell and dimensional type by Maxim Goudin
010.2012 Best High Schools
Photograph by Colin Lenton, Lettering by Lucy Engelman
09.2012 Fall Arts Preview
Photograph by Frank Uyttenhove
08.2012 Best of Philly
Typographic collaboration with The Heads of State and sign maker Gibbs Connors. Photographed at Village Whiskey.
07.2012 The Ultimate Guide to Italian Food
Photograph by Clint Blowers
06.2012 Rendell for President?
Photograph by Steven Laxton
05.2012 Miracles (Top Docs)
Photograph by Ryan Donnell
04.2012 Phillies 2012
Photograph by Chris Crisman
03.2012 Why Guys Won't Grow Up
Photography by Dustin Snipes
02.2012 Confessions of a Main Line Housewife
Photograph by Jonathan Pushnik
01.2012 Best Restaurant Neighborhoods
Photograph by Ryan Donnell
12.2011 The List Issue
Photograph by Chris Crisman

We don't need no stinking photoshop!
Philly's 85 Best Places to Drink