A little under a year ago I was approached by Jesse Lenz to help consult on a startup magazine that he envisioned and had already begun to execute. I originally had planned on just making sure the type setting avoided any editorial faux pas along with designing some templates to help him get started. We slowly began a dialogue that would add up to hundreds of hour long conversations discussing everything from design to storytelling to why would you even put out a magazine now?! My role began to evolve, as did my passion for what we would be creating. By the end, I had come on as the design director and we created something I'm extremely proud of and inspired by. Here it 'tis...


It follows select artists and artisans on a trip to the unseen hideaways that inspire them to craft uncommon goods. The camera lens brings into focus an often blurry creative process as they work alongside each other to discover truth, surprise and an aesthetic that delights. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink, and stories, all deeply rooted in the heritage and land around us.

This journey hinges on a communion of likeminded creators. We are illustrators, photographers, and writers.? We are shirt-makers, boot-crafters, and denim-cutters. We are bartenders, chefs, and musicians.

We are the Collective.

The Collective Quarterly - Issue Ø / Marfa
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